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Wednesday, June 29, 2011: The four accused who were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the sexual exploitation of a minor girl from North Paravur, were remanded to custody till July 13th.

According to reports, the investigation team has apprehended a woman believed to be an agent in connection with the case. The case is that a minor girl from North Paravur was sexually exploited by many, including her father, by promising roles in films.

Eldho K. Mathew, last among the three accused who allegedly took the girl to Thiruvananthapuram, surrendered before the Ernakulam Crime Branch office here on Tuesday. Thomas Varghese and Swaraj, who had been with him in the crime, were arrested earlier. Eldho, an employee of Cochin Refineries and union leader, was hiding for the last couple of days.

The car owned by Eldho, 38, in which the accused had travelled was taken into custody by the CB team from his residence at Kolenchery on Monday. He was former local committee member of the CPI (M) at Puthencruz and had been expelled from the party.

The team arrested Mohammed Salih, 29, of Plamootil House, Muvattupuzha and owner of PVM Gold Jewellery, Muvattupuzha in this case on Tuesday, along with two others. Lily, also known as Jancy, 56, of Kannampuzha, Thottumugham, was arrested on charges of taking the girl to many men and Beeran, 61, of Eloor, was arrested on the basis of information given by Lily.

She is also involved in the Mattannur sex case.With this, the total number of arrested has touched 45. It is suspected that more than 100 men sexually exploited the girl, including her father, after promising her roles in films.p

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Kerala Legislative Assembly election, 2011

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Kerala Legislative Assembly election, 2011

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