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Jean, chauffeur de taxi, mène une double vie méthodiquement organisée. Époux de Mathilde à Montreuil et de Charlotte à Ivry, il alterne entre ses deux foyers sans éveiller de soupçons, jusqu’au jour où ses deux enfants, Alix et Guillaume, qui ne se connaissent pas, chattent sur Internet, découvrent qu’ils ont de multiples points communs et décident de se rencontrer…

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Une pièce au rythme effrénée, laissant peu de place au répis. C’est durant 2 heures de comédie grinçante que les comédiens vont dérouler une mise en scène complexe et méthodique. Une pièce incroyablement difficile à jouer avec les deux maisons dans un seul et même décor, mais un tel régal pour les spectateurs.

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AuteurRay COONEY
Metteur en scèneDavid L’EBRELLEC
GenreComédie grinçante

After hearing all the hullabaloo about the Clarisonic brush (that vibrating facial brush), “My skin is softer than ever!!!” “I’ve never had pores so clear!” “I love my brush so much I take it to bed with me!!!” I ended up going to Sephora to see for myself…

As soon as I walked in, the Clarisonic stand jumped right out at me. It was as shiny as can be. Right smack dab in the middle was the brush, with the soft allure of a nightstand sex-toy on its throne. I walk up, feel its bristles. Wow, it really is so soft. I make it vibrate. Hmmm, good vibes.

I grab a sales clerk:

“What do you think of this thing? Is it a little to abrasive? What product do you use it with? I have shiny skin and my one and only goal in life is to get my skin to be matte. Would this work for me? And do the little bacterias sit around and multiply in the bristles?”

This is what she says:

“Oh no no no. I love this thing. It’s not abrasive at all! Just feel the brush, touch it, TOUCH IT!!! It’s so soft. You can use it with your usual makeup remover. And just for total disclosure, I have shiny skin too. I bought one and well, look at the result!!! HOW GREAT IS THAT!?!?!

Surprised, I smile at her with wide eyes. Total disclosure – I was amazed by just how shiny her skin was, like, you could see it from across the store: Her skin was shiny, I mean shiny, like really really shiny!!! Worse than a glazed donut. And if that’s what it does… Euhhhh…

I leave empty handed, a little disappointed, but still a little intrigued.

Ok. It was time to give a call to my skin savior, my skin’s best friend, the guru of my happy pores, the person whom leaving behind in Paris is my biggest regret in life… My dermatologist, the dear Doctor Marie-Catherine Planté.

Right off the bat, I ask her what she thinks of Clarisonic. She doesn’t seem too convinced (remember, she was the one who told me to stop using water), tells me that she’s going to look into a few things, and a few days later, I get an e-mail from her… Here’s a quick synopsis:

“Bonjour Garance,

I took a look time to study this skin torture device! Like I told you on the telephone, I’m going to have to put myself in the con-column against this machine.

So. Keep it simple: Your skin,when it comes to your face, have sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, a little greasy film that protects it. By continually destroying this sebum which is a normal bodily function and a protector, you’re putting your skin in danger.

The more we scrub the skin, the more it thickens to protect us.

It’s the same with exfoliation. It’s paradoxical, but it actually makes the skin thicker. So you think you’re refining the texture of the skin, you’re actually doing the opposite. And all the tiny little cavities and other lesions will burrow deeper which can end up giving the skin a grainy looking appearance. The skin will become like a memory foam mattress!

I think women should respect their faces like they respect their Louboutins : no water, no brushes, no abrasive products.

Talk to you soon Garance!”

Well. I think I made up my mind… I will stick to my essentials.

Whet about you, what do you think ? What is your favorite way to clean your skin ?

PS : A big thank you to Dr. Planté!!!

Translation : Tim Sullivan

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