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Movie: "Boys don't cry"

The movie is about a girl pretending as a guy. It is a real life story that happened in Lincoln in 1993. The story began in this way. The girl pretending to be a guy went into a bar and met this girl called Candace whom took "him" to Falls city. She used "Brandon" as her "guy name". When he (Brandon) first met Candace, he tried to act tough, just like a guy do in a bar, he picked up a fight with a guy simply because the guy was talking to Candace and he didn't like it. On that same night, he went with Candace and her friends to Falls City. Over there, he hangs out with guys that talks about the kind of girls that they used to date, then he noticed about this girl called Lana. Trying to prove himself as a guy and…show more content…

When he went back home and his brother asked about what was going on? He told him everything that happened to him in Falls City and of course about Lana as well. He made the comment that " I am gonna ask her to marry me", "I am not going to fuck it up this time" from the statements above, I could see that he has done the same thing before but it didn't work out. There is once that he is making out with Lana that Lana tires to pull off his shirts, but he was stopped her, during the making out, Lana saw that Brandon has breast!!!! And was horrified but didn't say a word about it. Suddenly, everyone just happened to notice Brandon was girly, Candace knew from that pant that he had his period and John got to know when he went to Lincoln to search for his identity. Brandon was put in jail and Lana came to see him, he tried to explain to her that he is half girl and half boy, a person that have both sex organs. Lana was very emotional and made the comment that "I don't care you are half monkey or half ape, I am getting you out of here." Now, everyone knew that he's a girl, but still forces him to pull off his pants and asked him "ARE YOU A GIRL OR NOT?" Lana still believes Brandon is a guy not a girl. Two guys pulled him into the bathroom and forced to pull his pants off and touched if he was a girl or not? The two guys push Lana in the bathroom and asked her to open her eyes to see her "boyfriend". Even when

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Earlier this evening, while patient Frank Ocean fans in Chicago, LA, London, and New York waited in blocks-long lines for copies of his Boys Don’t Cry magazine (and accompanying hard copy of his new album, Blonde, in theory), Ocean provided a tease of the long-rumored publication with a two-page spread from it posted to his Tumblr. Presented alongside a picture of a gold, modded BMW E30 — a favoritemodel of Ocean’s — the essay begins as a rumination on car culture:

How much of my life has happened inside of a car? I wonder if the odds are that I’ll die in one. Knock on wood-grain. Shouldn’t speak like that. We live in cars in some cities, commuting across space either for our livelihood, or devouring fossil fuels for joy. It’s close to as much time as we spend in our beds, more for some.

It proceeds from there to touch on themes of automotive-tinged nostalgia, Ocean’s sexuality (and how his car obsession fits in with it), and a general sense of moving through life while continuing to reflect on the formative years behind you. It’s a nice read — and unless you’re willing to flex your PayPal for a copy of Boys Don’t Cry, it’s the closest you’ll get to the magazine for now. Read the essay in full on Ocean’s Tumblr.

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