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How to use eTurabian to generate citation

Step 1. We recommend you create an account by clicking on Login / SignUpin the toolbar at the top. Choose your username, password and enter your e-mail.
After completing that, click Submit and you can start making your citations now.

Step 2.Make sure the citation style you need is selected by choosing it from Style in the toolbar.

Step 3. Choose the source type to cite. Many of the sources have a fast input version, just click
Express Input in the toolbar. You can use DOI, ISBN, LCCN, Library MARC Display, ProQuest records and Keyword Search to speed up your work.

Or, for manual input,click on Source Type. For example, if you cite a book, choose Book and provide the book info.

New users should click the Instructions checkbox in the right-top corner of the form.The instructions will be displayed next to the form fields - it will save a lot of guesswork and time.
You do not need to enter allthe fields, the required fields are marked as *.

Step 4. If there is something you would like to enter and it is not in the form, clickon Advanced in the right corner of the form for more options.

Turabian style only: once you are ready, at the bottom of the form click which kind of TurabianCitation you would like under:
Citation Style:
Bibliography andFootnotes
Reference List andParentheticals.

Step 5. Enter the Project Name to group citations into easy-to-find projects. It will be saved there.If you do not provide your project name, it will be saved into the Default Project.
Now just click Submit.
If there is enough information to generate citation, you will get the formatted citation.Otherwise eTurabian will prompt you to enter some more info.

Step 6. Repeat as needed - the same procedure applies to other source types - journal, thesis and dissertations,music scores, etc. If you do not see the citationsource you need to make, click on
 more...under Source Type for more choices.

Step 7. After you've made your entries, you can see them ready to use in your paper, formatted with indentation and in alphabeticalorder. Just click on
My Stuff / Citation list - export projects into your paper and copy and paste them into your word processor.

To make changes (and to add more footnotes) you can click on My Stuff / Manage my projects.There you can also copy and move your citations between projects.

My Stuff / Share citations with other users lets you explore team collaboration.

That should help you citing sources according to Turabian 8th and 7th editions, MLA 8th and 7th editions, and APA 6th edition.

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