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Think about how many essays you have already written and how many you still have to write before you finally get that undergraduate or graduate degree! Actually, you may not want to think about it, because it can be pretty depressing. What if you could buy essays from a reputable writing service and ease some of your current and future workload?  You can, if you choose EssaySupply.com as your exclusive essay writing service!

Two Types of Essays: You have probably encountered two types of essays thus far – those that do not require research and those that do. While essays are shorter than papers, many of them will require research and resource citations, so it is necessary to understand the type of essay you are writing.

Essays Without Research

In any English course (composition or literature), there will be a wide variety of essay assignments, so that you can demonstrate your ability to organize content and present ideas and opinions coherently. Among those essays are:

  • Descriptive and Explanatory – essays that require sequential organization of content. Explain or describe the process by which someone should select the perfect pet.
  • Narrative – essays that tell a story. What was the most terror-filled event in your life thus far?
  • Comparison/Contrast – essays that explain the similarities and differences between two things, ideas, or conditions. What are the differences between day-time and night-time shoppers?
  • Persuasive – Essay in which you must convince the reader that your point of view or opinion is the correct one. Genetic engineering will result in designer babies only for the rich.
  • Book reviews and other literary response essays – You must discuss themes, portray characters, discuss style and concepts of non-fiction works, etc. Of course, this pre-supposes that you have read the work first and are able to reflect on what you have read and produce a scholarly piece of writing based upon your reflections!

While these essays are relatively short, they are still challenging for students who struggle with writing or who are really pressed for time. These are the most reasonably priced pieces of writing when you buy essays online from EssaySupply.com! They will be produced by our writers who have Master’s degrees in English and who have backgrounds in writing and the teaching of writing.

Essays With Research

Many of the above types of essays may require at least some research, and that certainly requires a bit more work. And you will find these essays in many other courses, not just English. They will be based on the course content as well as outside reading that you have been expected to complete. If you are overloaded or just dis-interested, you can buy essay writing on any topic and get great research and writing from our great writers!

  • Explanatory Essay: How will you explain the generally accepted causes of dropping out of school without some research? You can’t!
  • Comparison/Contrast: Contrast the basic tenets of Tea Partiers and Progressives.
  • Persuasive: Try to write an essay in which you take a stand on the “Citizens United” decision of the Supreme Court without doing some research first!

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Because essays are such common assignments, there are thousands of sites from which you can buy essays online. But not all writing services are created equal, and you must beware of the huge number of scammers out there. It’s so easy for any scoundrel to set up a website and entice you to buy an essay for a really cheap price – sometimes as low as $3.00 a page. Really? What professional writer will work for $3.00 a page, and don’t forget that the company has to take its profit out of that! Common sense should tell you that these writing services are not offering original, well-written essays – they will give your poorly written ones from foreign students working for pennies a page or just pull one from their databases of essays – one that has been sold and re-sold many times.

A professional writing service does not operate this way. EssaySupply.com does not operate this way. When you buy essay writing from us, several things have to happen:

  • You place an order for your essay, giving us the topic and any requirements from your instructor or professor.
  • You find the correct writing expert from among our huge staff of degreed and experience writers.
  • You set you up with a personal account page on our website. You can actually speak with your writer through our messaging system and will get and approve your final product through your account.

Plagiarism is Always a Concern

When you decide to buy an essay from an online writing service, you know you are taking a risk that your instructor will use any of the plagiarism-detection software programs that most schools and colleges now use. If your essay shows up anywhere else on the web, you are toast!

How do you avoid this? You buy college essays only from EssaySupply.com, because we guarantee that all writing is scanned for plagiarism before it is sent out to any customer. Our writers understand our standards, and they comply – they do not want to lose their jobs!

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Pricing is Reasonable and Differentiated

Obviously, essays come in all “shapes and sizes.” Some are basic 5-paragraphs pieces; some are 2-3 pages and require research. You should not expect to pay a uniform price per page – that is what the amateur and unethical services charge. We charge according to topic, academic level, research requirements, and length, because this is what is fair to both our customers and to our writers. We also provide a great discount plan, so be sure to ask about it – our customer service staff is on call 24 hours a day!

You can’t go wrong at EssaySupply.com – great custom writing at a reasonable cost, produced and delivered to you in confidentiality!

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