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Overview:  Accidents happen; however, most can be prevented. Safety Specialists plan and organize base safety programs/training and are also tasked with enforcing safety rules.  Their most important task is not easy; getting everyone on base to think "safety first."

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Organize and direct safety activities and develop procedures for evaluating safety programs 
  • Coordinate with federal, state, municipal and private agencies regarding safety concerns 
  • Perform inspections of base facilities, flight lines, munitions and other areas of safety risk 
  • Review engineering plans to ensure adequate safety precautions are considered


  • Prior military service; this is not an entry level position 
  • Prior qualification at the 5-skill level 
  • Normal color vision 
  • ASVAB score of 55 on General 
  • Demonstrated weight lift of 40 pounds
  • Ability to speak English clearly and distinctly 
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing
  • Never been convicted by a general, special or summary courts-martial
  • Freedom from fear of heights (Acrophobia)
  • No history of emotional instability, personality disorder, or other unresolved mental health problems
  • No record of claustrophobia or claustrophobic tendencies
  • No medical conditions preventing prolonged standing, repetitive movements, walking up to one mile, or walking up and down stairs
  • Qualification to operate a government vehicle


  • Candidates without prior military experience are required to attend 8 ½ weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX followed by Technical Training 
  • Technical Training is 35 days at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX 
  • College credits earned: Safety -13 credits

Related Civilian Careers:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Technicians



- Plans, organizes, & directs wg SE program encompassing 4K prsnnl/67 fighter acft/21 sqdns and 6 tenant units
- Supervises 11 safety professionals including civilians/officers/enlisted personnel focusing on risk mangement
- Advises CCs in developing & implementing flight/weapons/ground mishap prevention pgrms for 4K+ people
- Oversees all mishap investigations, unit annual & spot inspections, and wing level safety education & training

- Conducts safety inspections/assessments of base facilities and operations; prepares written evaluation reports
- Consolidates mishap data, identifies trends, and recommends corrective measures to reverse any negative trends
- Investigates mishaps to identify causal factors and recommends corrective actions to prevent mishap recurrence
- Authors safety related articles for base newspaper; develops mishap prevention crosstell; conducts training


- Resolved OSHA complaint on acft MX facility; expedited fast 11 day resolution--negated $60K in possible citations
- ID'd fall protection prgm deficiency in AOR; authored new trng guide--mitigated mishap risk for 120 deployed mbrs
- Executed wg's safety trng prgm; oversaw 7K prsnl, educated 1.3K mbrs annually--reduced yearly mishap rate by 13%
- Led risk assessment on $2.7M airfield construction proj; eliminated 7 hzrds--ensured safe, compliant ops for 29 prsnl
- Managed PMV-2 safety for ACC's largest wg; balanced $78K budget & 572 riders--slashed non-compliance by 40%
- Selected as wg's Risk Mngr; advised cmdr's on new mitigation measures--anchored Superior Team Awd during UEI
- Revitalized SE insp prgm; led 466 insp's, corrected 39 hazards--garnered '15 ACC Safety Outstanding Achvmnt Awd

- Designed EOD detonation range; defined proper wpns/muns sfty distances--maximized EOD theater trng capes
- Conducted 44 spot insps; abated two serious deficiencies--mitigated risks to 600 pers/45 OIR support aircraft
- Linchpin to wpns ops flexibility; authored six explosive site plans--boosted NEW staging 48K lbs...77% incr
- Generated fighter acft parking plan; safely maximized limited space--64K lbs explosives available for CFACC
- Composed RA for three coalition orgs; 59 explosive sfty violations mitigated--generated 12 additional CAPAs
- Created RA for $2.7M airfield const proj; educated 29 pers on explosive hazards--ensured safe/compliant ops
- Led 16 Weapons Safety Representatives!; imbedded safety culture during surge ops--zero reportable mishaps
- Stellar wpns pgm execution; mng'd 61 explosive sites/$160M muns stockpile--WSA NCO/Mo & Team/Mo x 2
- Evaluated loading operations during nuclear exer; confirmed safe/secure/reliable ops--all MAJCOM obj met
- Conducted annual unit nuclear surety assessment; three deficiencies ID'd/fixed--ensured 100% unit compliance
- Selected as wing safety WIT member; expert guidance key for major accident response exer--safe ops ensured
- Reviewed eight sqdrn specific nuclear surety lesson plans; imposed standardized trng--zero NSSAV write-ups
- Established EMR program; evaluated antenna locations/frequencies--provided SSD for explosive transit routes
- Demonstrated expert nuclear surety support/guidance; apprized senior leadership qtrly, zero FY15
- Remodeled $500K barrier proj; mitigated 40 explosive violations--protected 600 personnel/$1.2B OIR assets
- Observed upload of 26 laser guided munitions; crucial to effective aircrew trng--100% weapons release rate
- Pioneered Wing RM Pgm; facilitated/monitored five RAs--ensured safe ops/activities for 332 AEW personnel
- Built Mishap Response Plan; EM agencies provided critical checklist--WG ready for Class A recovery ops
- Coordinated USDA visit; ID'd BASH zones--bolstered PH pgm/depredated 100 birds/reduced strike potential

- Hand-picked by HHQ to develop AF-lvl Supervisor Safety Course; focused on pillars of leadership--molding Airmen
- Lead SME for IG during 2 Capstones; id'd 14 deficiencies/trained safety mgrs--wings mission focused & compliant
- Top mishap report QC; coord d 182 recs & human factors actions--slashed command's mishap rejection rate by 45%
- MAJCOM SE Formal Trng Mgr; deftly balanced 56 allocations; 100% fills/attendance--MAJCOM 1S0s fully proficient
- HAF-level Space Safety Council mishap exercise rep; exposed vital comm flaws--mod'd AF, FAA & NASA comms
- Revamped MAJCOM SE MICT guide; streamlined 88 protocols/document stds--10X efficiency surge; adopted at HAF!
- Coord d Quest for Zero campaign; created flyers/involved ldrshp--sliced fatal mishaps by 100% & costs by $45M!
- Mng'd 14 Wg Safety UEI; eval d 26 prgms/dir compliance actions--0 flaws/coined by ACC/IG; challenge w/more!

- Briefed Course III at FTAC; educated 45 Amn on traffic/accident trends--improved overall driving strategies

- Brilliantly led SAVs; Id'd 10 "Major" prgm write-ups--prepped 5 units for CUI, guaranteed zero discrepancies

- Mng'd Costal Sea Ice Testing; enabled 7 Armed Forces Day events--key to boosting strategic US image abroad

- Tremendous Resource Mgr; conducted 130 inspections--preserved $2.6B infrastructure w/zero mission impact

- Piloted RM; codified 1st-ever weapons qual crs for 57 defenders--key to securing AF's largest OCONUS base

- 52 FW/SEG NCOIC/380 AEW GSM; managed 23 pgms/kept 38K safe--active ldrshp fueled SE culture change
- GSM for ADAB/3 FOBs; led all insps--ID'd/abated 3 life safety code hazs--abolished threat/saved DoD $65K
- Key to ADAB low mishap rate; 35% reportable mishap reduction, crushed goal of 25%--0 Class A/B mishaps
- Assisted UAE AF/AD creation of service-wide AF safety program--grew/strengthened US-UAE military bond
- Established CSPT prgm baseline for 50 prsnl; created strict compliance--"benchmark guide" for 3 US services
- Trn'd 3K combat jnt svc members/17 unit safety reps/15 Unit CCs; "0" fatalities--amazing .004% mishap rate!
- Reviewed/validated 150+ 52 FW & 380 AEW const projects valued at $425M; zero OSHA & EU violations!
- Distinguished author! Penned "CDS" articles; extolled virtues of summer safety--published in Saber Herald!
- Co-hosts "Safety Power Hour" on AFN radio w/bi-weekly shows talking traffic SE issues; thousands reached!
- Energized 2d Annual 52 FW Safety Challenge; increased participation 400%--reduced CDS mishaps by 66%!
- Created post-accident driver's course; classroom training plus CBT to improve behavior; 40% fewer repeats
- Examined 1.1K facilities/165 no-notice insps; expedited unit corrections w/CE--G&I mishaps slashed by 43%
- Lynchpin in $40K cornerstone SDC driver's prgm; 180 classes for 1080 drivers--PMV4 mishaps slashed 22%
- Hosted Anheuser's "Street Smart" show; PMV mishap awareness raised for 3K members--CDS huge success!
- Ingrained SE requirements on $2.3M contract for deficient firing range--ensured direct safety of 7K+ shooters
- Instructed 2.5K pupils/3 different sfty courses; 10K trng hrs--reduced unsafe acts/created safe wing atmosphere
- SE ambassador; driving force behind spouse�s driving program; 45 trained; civilian accidents decreased 12%
- Safety experts for July 4th celebration; fireworks, amusement park, child events--15K+ kept safe w/o incident
- Beyond CCAFs! In pursuit of Master of Science in Occupational Safety & Health--4.0 GPA netted Dean�s List
- Powered thru 3 courses towards SE certification; acute knowledge passed to 42 safety reps--Force Multiplier!

- Supervised 6 wg safety NCOs & 52 Sq reps; inspected 1,681 facilities, 67 acft--zero Class A ground mishaps
- Execut'd Ground Safety ACC Bi-annual Trend Analysis Report; provided cross-tell Wg/unit mishap prevention
- Oversaw revision of lock-out/tag-out prgm; provided guidance to users--zero findings during Prgm Mngmnt
- Responded to 27 ground emergencies/5 fuel spills/8 DOPs; led investigation efforts--zero injuries/loss of life
- Provided daily safety briefs to coalition CC's/SNCO's--AEW leadership 100% informed--1 reportable mishap
- Solid traffic SE mngr; launch'd Driver's Ed pgm--mishaps redc'd 50%--result'd in ACC Traffic SE annual awd
- Mng'd FW Staff UTM pgm; 33 amn/NCO's enroll'd--100% on-time UPGT--zero failures--wg assets increas'd
- Mng'd wg Mishap Investigation pgm--led 11 investigators, QC'd 46 mishap rpts/recs--mishaps reduc'd by 52%
- Compl'd 6 credits towards MBA in Mgmnt/Leadership; 4.0 GPA maintained--ldrshp skills demonstrated daily
- Responded to 36 inflight emergency incidents; contributed to safe landings--continued airfld ops--zero injuries
- Core Grnd SE Mngr for Red Flag 13-2; mng'd SE for multi-national EX--2,700 prsnnl/11 MDS's/1K equipment
- Employed critical oversight during 6 ORE's; uncovered 13 real-world hazards--abated exposure to 3k+ prsnnl
- Prep'd 15 units for ACC PME; inspect'd 12 SE prgms/14 facs; eliminated ten violations--ensured wg oversight


- Top-notch NCO! Deftly administered safety prgm in Ground Safety Manager's absence; seamless supervision

- Unrivaled safety knowledge! Conducted 6 SAVs, prepared subordinate wings to excel in their UCI inspections
- Completed Air Force Voluntary Protection Assessors Program course; one of only 6 in AFRC; ready to lead
- Ready for Higher headquarters responsibility and duties; future influence will revitalize the SEG career field
- Epitomizes USAF core values--absolutely superior leader and performer--Promotion to CMSgt is imperative!

- Initiated Lockout/Tagout training program for Wing; conducted MAJCOM-level inspections--developed clear checklist
- Phenomenal! Wing POC for motorcycle safety--25% reduction in reportable mishaps...88% reduction in costs
- Coordinated technical safety issues; provided assistance, education, & training to over 3,500 DAFB personnel
- Flawless accounting! Executed $5K GPC account for division...file system/documentation tracked every penny

- Deployed superstar! Safety NCOIC of EAMS, ensured safe movement of 77K passengers/80 million lbs cargo

- Superior NCO! Identified deficiency in fire escape plan; directed creation/completion--compliance exceeded

- Instilled ORM; briefed trend analysis/lessons learned at CC calls; created safety rep program for 3 flights/248 personnel

- Proven motivator! Rallied Sq personnel for daily FOD walks--debris eliminated; $100B aircraft assets protected


- AMC/IG spoke! Provided safety presence during ORI/UCI; directly contributed to overall "Excellent" ratings

- Authored timely base paper articles...words of wisdom key to successful motorcycle mishap prevention efforts

Team player! Filled gap as Exercise Evaluation Team program manager; strengthened base defense readiness

- Dedicated leader! Performed 150+ spot inspections; received "Excellent" rating during CAOC/CC directed program eval


- Completed 5-level CDC's/Mishap Investigation Non-Aviation course/OSHA 501 course; earned FAA aircraft/maintenance certificate

- Successfully accomplished AMC & Motorcycle Safety Foundation Sport Bike training course--only 1 of 3 base instructors

- Committed! Completed National Highway Traffic Safety Assoc & Mishap Investigation Non-Aviation courses

- Identified non-existent Job Safety Training Outline--developed template; tailored to work centers--100% compliant


- Results speak volumes of teamwork! Zero Class A/B ground mishaps during "101 Critical Days of Summer"

- Developed all inclusive motorcycle protective gear checklist/visual aid for SFS personnel--100% compliance!

- Spearheaded Chief of Safety conference/Ground safety breakout--coined by 9AF/USAFCENT GSM for support

- Highly motivated! Set up cookout/judged Military Idol/Fight Night events--boosted morale for base populace


- Wing Staff NCO/Quarter! Coached Little League baseball team; Safety Div CFC rep...Executed flawless campaign

- Wing's expert in motorcycle safety...no PMV-2 fatalities; poised for safety deployment...promotion to TSgt!

- Advised EAMS/CC on all safety and Occupational health issues--Integral to Expeditionary Squadron success

- Performs at a level well above her peers; leads the way with technical knowledge--promote to TSgt now!


- Expertly managed the Wing's Motorcycle Safety Program; won 2008 AMC Distinguished Motorcycle Safety Award

- Attention-to-details! Developed & implemented Wing Safety file plan; passed UCI inspection w/flying colors

- Poised safety professional! MVP ground safety leadership--ready for Safety NCOIC position--promote now!

- Top-notch NCO! Assisted SIB during Class A investigation; scene/evidence secured--root cause identified

- Relentless; strictly enforced safe practices--slashed AOR Sports & Rec mishaps 33% & property damage 50%

- AMC/IG spoke! Provided safety presence during ORI/UCI; directly contributed to overall "Excellent" ratings

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