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David Reyes team did a great job on my house. They came out and did a thorough evaluation of the house and informed us the work they recommended. They were not pushy or overbearing and so we were pleased to hire them. They started the work and David's team were careful to do the proper covering of windows and other exterior parts that were not to be painted and make sure everything was protected to do a nice neat clean job. They did a great patching up job on cracks and holes in the stucco before priming and painting. They finished as promised in a very timely manor and cleaned up after themselves and left no mess. Thanks David Reyes at Pacific Homeworks and your team for a great outcome.

First off, I want to say thank you to Yelp for providing a tool to express my opinion about my experiences whether it be good or bad and express my gratitude to those who deserve it and forewarn readers of those to avoid. This, is the latter. And I forewarn readers, if you are approached by this company whether it be by salesman, flyers or you see them in the yellow pages, avoid this company like the plague. They will not only overcharge you for the job, but the job itself is subpar at best. When trying to contact anyone to come back and repair their shoddy work, it's nearly impossible to get ahold of someone and when you finally do and schedule someone to come by, they don't show up. Look, my folks are old and naive and a smooth talking salesman could probably sell them their own property, but to come in and sell them things 4-5 times the cost is absurd. A $50k sunroom with door handles falling off and rain gutters falling off. A $17.5k tankless water heater that leaks and the fix is some cheap ass plastic tubing? You couldn't use copper?! Door bell hanging and useless. My folks spent enough with this rip off company to buy another house. My folks should be VIP customers. But, they aren't. Just another couple swindled by smooth talking con artists stealing money. Sounds like elder abuse to me. There are a lot of things my folks have done with this company that we had to call back numerous times. We've pretty much had it. No more jobs with them but unfortunately, we have to deal with them for the stuff they already did. Again, a forewarning for you readers checking how this company does. You have been forewarned. What you do after this is your prerogative. Couple people that we dealt with is Kyle and George. It saddens me that there are people that choose the bottom dollar than just good ole customer service.

I left this review on the Yelp page for their Van Nuys location/affiliate/franchise/chapter and wanted to make sure this gets to ALL the right places: "Just had a visit from "Devin" and "Miguel" from Pacific Homeworks, after my wife made an appointment with "Scott" who was going door to door and said they could repave our driveway - we had been seeking quotes for this exact thing. Appointment was at 5:30, they knocked on my door at 6:30. Spent a grand total of 30 seconds asking me about my driveway before moving on to talking about cracked stucco on my back house, garage and main house and insisting on looking around the outside of the entire house. I probably should have kicked them off my property the second the upsell started but I work in sales and felt like being nice. They kept asking about my wife but I figured since she had set up the appointment they just wanted to confirm or something. The one who did most of the talking was "Devin" who kept quizzing me about my knowledge of home construction and just generally coming off as guy who knows he's upselling a shit product. I let him keep going cuz, again, I was trying to give the kid a break. Then they said they had to get something from the car, and came back with a big bag which I assume held a projector, and a big laptop. Insisted on coming inside to present "options" to my wife and I. I told them it's my kids bedtime and we had expected them an hour prior. Got some excuse about that. Then "Devin" "called his manager" which I'm not sure I believe frankly (never heard the guy's voice, for all I know the call was fake). Started giving me some bullshit line about "building trust" and "why don't you trust us enough to let us in?" at which point I lost patience with this cheap amateur salesman act and told them we were done. He kept begging me to come back as I walked back to my front door and closed it behind me. Still feel a bit dirty and angry. What a clown show. I can't imagine they do any sort of quality of work and the other Yelp reviews seem to suggest that they do not. Stay the hell away from my house in the future, Pacific Homeworks."

After having a really bad experience with the sales reps from this company a manager by the name of John reached out to us to apologize.. Since I am a business owner I appreciate John reached out to find out what happened and apologize.

What everyone else said. Say goodbye to 3 hours of your evening if you let them in the door. They tried to sell me a roof for $50k that had previously been quoted at $15k by another roofer. Told them I absolutely would not sign a contract on the spot to get the 15% discount as I needed to follow through on due-diligence research. By then it was 9 pm, my kids hadn't been fed because we had no idea these guys were going to go on for 3 hours. Never answering my door again.

Scam. Scam. Scam. I found out whatever the price is, they keep 1/2 and the other 1/2 is the actual cost of the construction job. So if your roof is $30,000,- 15,000 is for the roof, $15,000 is for their pockets....

We bought in on the customer service, well let me tell you, it has been 8 months of trying to get some warranty work done. they came out and started then went away, we called and they told me their manager no longer works there and we got lost in the shuffle, the people in the office are less than useless and I have tried to contact someone who will help but no one seems to care. See the picture of the workmanship below, this is just a summary of what we have been going thru, to write the whole story you would be reading for an hour. I hope the owner Marc will reach out and call me, this is so unprofessional Ray French

VERY pushy sales person! Needed a estimate for a new driveway. This guy kept pointing out things that were "wrong" with the rest of the house. I kept asking him to get to the point and give me the estimate but he just continued with his rehearsed 'up sell' speech. I finally asked him to leave and he started to call his manager. I asked him not to call him while he was in my house but he did so anyway. What a complete jerk! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Should have known this was going to be a bad experience, but as a new home owner, with minimal experience dealing with contractors, my hackles didn't go up until it was too late. Started with two men coming to my door after all the rain. They pointed out damage to my house that I'd already been thinking about having fixed, and when they said they'd come by with a free estimate, I agreed. I work from home, as does my husband. Two young men arrive and walk around, pointing out damage to the house. They came inside to sit at the table and brought out photos of the damage. Again, not weird, a little beyond needed but whatever. They insisted the damage was bad, which surprised me, since we'd bought the place a couple months back and our inspector was VERY thorough, why had he not pointed out this damage to us? It looked surface level to me, but according to these two men, it was dangerous. In hindsight, I should have wondered how they even knew-- what qualified them? Anyway, Tyler then brings out a binder... and a laptop... to PAINFULLY and SLOWLY go through his well rehearsed script about the company and how great they are. I interrupted him to politely but firmly ask he skip all this and get to the estimate cost. He agreed... and then ignored me and kept going point for point with his presentation. I was really irritated by now, and insisted, again, they get to the numbers. I told them I had to get back to work, and at one point they suggested they return another time to continue... I said no, just please get to the point! How is that hard? I can't say either of them was rude! Nice men who just had a well rehearsed act and could not care less that I wanted them to hurry. It took them 3 hours to finish, by the way. THREE HOURS. Will finally starts the break down of potential cost. He shows a very dramatic image of broken down houses, saying we could do NOTHING. (Implying our house falls apart) Or we could pay, apparently, 30-40k to restucco the whole house. He then shows the ULTIMATE option, this Coolwall stuff (Texcoat) He however, can NOT give an estimate on the cost. I said that was weird, he knew the other costs... how could he not know this number? He insisted they'd have to measure the house, so I said to go do that, please. Tyler does while Will brings out a chemistry set (yes) to show off some stupid tricks meant to wow us with how great Coolwall is. Texcoat is neat! It's also overkill. We don't need that level of protection/work on our house where we live. Regardless, they finally FINALLY get us a quote-- 22k. But if we sign today! It'll be just 17k! I'm tired, my husband is tired, I'm juggling an 18 month year old in my lap, and I agree-- assuming maybe our house really is super damaged-- to do the work. He explains there is a 3 day cancellation option. Thank god. I stewed on everything that night, and we decided you know what, after looking and researching more, we don't want this work. I emailed/faxed the cancellation. Next morning, one of the managers calls me. He is nice at first! Then he says we need to sign a material release form. A what? It's nothing, you DO NOT need to sign this paper. But he insists he send someone over with it. I tell him I'm not letting this person inside, and he gives me attitude, but sounds like he understands. New guy shows up, another young man, and Will from before. They ask to come in with their clipboard and a piece of paper they have not even bothered to begin to fill out. I say no, explain they can get whatever they need from me out on my front step. Now the guy gets upset. He tries to accuse me of being angry, WHY am I so angry he asks? I explained I know they want to come inside so they can try and coax us into agreeing to the work still. I just want this over with, what do they need me to sign? He gets very angry, looks to my husband, asks what HE thinks. MY husband agrees with me. They start to pretend they simply CAN NOT do this piece of paper outside. I even offer to hold the clip board for him. ;) Finally, after all this junk, we agree they can sit on the couch but they must hurry up. Guess what happens when they get inside? The guy begins his whole big talk, trying to get us to explain why we don't want the work, what changed, because he can't just take a NO as an answer. When we say we don't want the work, he tries to escalate again with WHY WHY WHY. He keeps stopping filling out the form (that is really small and would take two minutes, it's just our names and address and... wait for it... an addendum to the contract) to ask us stuff. He offers us cheaper prices, I say no no no, he calls his "Boss" (I swear no one is on the line) who again offers us a cheaper price, I say NO. Please leave. He drops a passive aggressive line about how we must have seen one bad review, and that was all it took to turn us off the company. Um... that wasn't all. Real pushy people, don't let them in your home, they will lie to make it happen though.

I spent 3 1/2 + hours listening to a sales pitch for 3 windows that was thousands of dollars, way over priced. I bought one of those windows from HD supply for $50. I warned them I did not have much time, but they just kept persisting. I told them I just got over pneumonia they kept trying to get me to sign something. I did finally video tape them & let them know my next call was to the police they finally left.

Do not use them!!!! Since I can't write in detail what they did to my grandmother, all I can say is my experience with them: I tried to get a hold of the sales rep who convinced her that she needed a roof, 3 times to ask what exactly they are replacing and to see an itemized list. I was on hold all 3 times for 15min or longer!!!! I was never able to get a hold of any the managers! This company is overpriced and would never recommend them to anyone.

Do not let them in the door to make a proposal. They are worse than time share sales people. I told him he had one hour. It took 3 hours and even then I had to be rude to get them to leave. After 3 hours, the bid offered was simply a number no other details. My home is 1250 sf. The roofing bid was nearly $9000 higher than the other 3 bids I previously recieved. Like others have said don't go near them

CUSTOMERS BEWARE.......UNLICENSED CONTRACTOR. After a visit today from a pushy sales person, II tried to look up Pacific Homeworks on the contractors State License Board website Pacific Homeworks contractors license expired. PACIFIC HOMEWORKS 213 A AVENIDA MIRAMAR SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92672 Entity Sole Ownership Issue Date 05/12/1998 Expire Date 05/31/2010 This is the only license for Pacific Homeworks on the State site. If they are doing business under another name, they are required by law to state such. Aslo on their website, there is a law that requires a licensed contractor to prominently display their license number which of course they do not. I looked on the Secretary of State's website and of course they have filed for incorporation on several occasions a few of which are suspended for failure to pay their taxes. My main concern, the individual who came to my door did not have a salesperson license which is required and they state to the contractors board they have no employees. This means, if the salesperson trips while leaving my property, he can sure me as his employer does not have workers compensation insurance. I will await a response from pacific Homebuilders and if they can prove to my satisfaction that they are legitimate and correct their website to include their license number and insure their salespersons are all properly licensed and the likes, I will consider amending. I am posting this because they attempted to transact business with me and therefore are subject to review once I discovered they are not properly licensed, a warning to all is warranted.

I had to kick the extremely pushy "inspector" off of my property. He kept insisting that it was better to talk inside my home - the quote was for an EXTERIOR paint job. This guy was a jerk, would not listen to me, tried to convince me to let him into my house - I believe this company is a scam.

I'm glad I read the reviews first. These guys are trained to be intimidating and abusive in their sales approach. When they came to give an estimate, I said "no thanks," and they kept pushing. I said "please leave," and they got more aggressive. After I said "get off my property now," they became abusive. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

Do not do business with this company. These are the pushiest sales people I have ever seen and will not take no for an answer. They just showed up at our house and pretty much conned us into getting an over priced paint job we really didnt need. The crew was actually really good...but the sales people are the worst. They also kept coming over unannounced and are now trying to see us new windows and roofing. They really don't like it when people have the audacity to tell them no.

These folks never finished the job they started. I still have bare spots they never finished, trim they never put on, and no drawer pull on one large drawer. Their guy Uriel(?) got me to sign off on the job and was going to be back the next day to finish the last few things. Never saw him again and never got a call back from the company. Some of the work is very amateurish, like it was done with a pocket knife.

Everyone is right. Super pushy salesmen. My story: I was outside playing with my daughter two guys were "working" on a job near by and asked if I needed anything done. I said I was in the market for some concrete, the guy comes in takes a look around and says yeah we can do it, we do this stuff all the time and asks if we know about the hero program to get your windows done for free or something. I tell him I'm not interested, just the concrete. He tells me he will be sending over someone at 10am in the morning on Saturday, no one shows until the doorbell rings at 4pm. I say weren't you supposed to be here at 10, he says, I'm sorry they just tell me where to go, and that he drove an hour to get here (the poor guy is old and looks tired), so I felt bad and let him in and gave him a bottle of water. And so begins the series of mistakes I made over the next 2 and a half hours. Mistake 1: I should have looked at yelp first. ( I decided to look at it after he told me he was going to his car to show me some pictures on his laptop of work they did. Mistake 2: I felt sorry for the old man. He used this against me because I was polite and so was he. Mistake 3: I though he was polite, he wasnt, he was smart and used it to give me and my wife a 2 and a half hour presentation. Mistake 4: He asked me beforehand if I had plans that evening and like an idiot I said no. We ended up having to start the car, load up the baby, and say we had dinner plans that we forgot about to get him to leave, and he still kept trying to talk. As soon as I saw a 1 star review on yelp I knew I wasn't going to do business with them. 1. I brought up yelp, he said yelp can't be trusted because it's full of reviews from people who never had done work with them, that is true, but shouldn't there be people on here saying they did great work? There are a few, you have to dig to get a 5 star rating, and even then it looks fake. Additionally he shows me this Guild Quality website I've never heard of that gives them a 4.5 star rating (I'm not impressed). (After doing research on Guild Quality I do not feel it is a legitimate website). Furthermore he shows me a video of a guy saying they did good work- it was the most forced video I've ever seen, and he's looking at it like he's proud? 2. The quote was so high for the amount of work they were doing I was offeneded. I told him I was looking to spend 1/4 the price. He knew he wasn't getting a sale. I'm still in shock that they have a BBB rating of A+. Clearly this means nothing now days. Look up the investigation CNN money did on BBB. It's really sad to be quite honest, I could see elderly people getting completely scammed by this company. Additionally, I am very concerned that I may have just let convicted felons in my house. I read on another website that the guys in the vans that drum up business are. Marcus or whoever is monitoring yelp, please remove my name, address, and phone number from your databases. You do not have my permission to sell or pass on my information in anyway to any affiliated or non-affiliated business. Do not contact me.

*** PLEASE RUN FAR AWAY*** Well... Let me start by saying if it were possible to give ZERO starts I would. First off I allowed the representative to do an "estimate". They began the estimate and asked if they could come inside. I said no, but than found us going through the presentations for new Windows. The Windows looks great but we don't jump quickly and asked to wait. The following day they contacted me again via phone, I explained that they should call me back in 2 weeks. They called me back within a week, but because I did answer they have now called me at least 20 times within the last 2 days, using different numbers and not leaving messages. I didn't ask to be harassed. This company is a joke. PLEASE RUN FAR AWAY---

What on earth was I thinking? Lesson learned: never sign a contract before doing your Google due-diligence. It was only AFTER we signed a contract and problems started occurring that I had the bright idea to investigate the company and boy, did my heart sink. I feel so foolish for making such a costly rookie mistake. Anyway: we needed to replace 9 windows in our 1950's Valley home. Salesman shows up and delivers his FOUR HOUR PITCH. He would not leave, he would not cut to the chase, he would not budge. Then he nails us with a $14k quote. Like idiots, we figured that's just what windows cost these days and signed on. They told us the windows would be ordered and installation would occur within 2 weeks. It was actually 4 weeks. Fine, whatever. The contractors they sent to do the actual work were great - no issues there*. And we really do love the windows. BUT... It's 4 months later and one of the windows no longer locks and is very loose in the frame. We have problems with the locks on other windows too. Now, these windows have a lifetime warranty, so I wasn't too worried - until I tried to call them. The 800 number is a joke - it's just full of ads!!! You call and you get a "special offer" for DirecTV. Then you get an offer for car insurance. THEN you get one for Time Warner cable. Then you get one for phone service. I thought I called the wrong number, but I tried a few more times and got the same recording. TOTAL BS. I tried the 310 number and it just rang. Finally, the 4th time I called, I reached a human. She took my number - I'm not feeling all that confident I'll ever hear anything back. This was an expensive and painful mistake that I won't make again.I do like our windows but the entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth. *Worth mentioning: when they do the install, they send a few salesmen over to "inspect the work". What they are really doing is looking at your house to see what else they can try to up-sell you on. My husband had to physically threaten the guy to leave the house - that's how pushy he was.

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