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History of Psychedelic Therapy

Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25: Individual and Group Procedures
by D.B, Blewett, Ph.D., and N. Chwelos, M.D. (1959)

LSD: My Problem Child
by Albert Hofmann, Ph.D. (1979; English translation 1980). Also available in Russian (pdf), Polish (doc), Chinese, and Japanese.

LSD Psychotherapy (Russian translation) | (Hungarian translation)
by Stanislav Grof, M.D. (original copyright 1980; also available in English at

Remembrances of LSD Therapy Past
by Betty Grover Eisner, Ph.D. (2002). — PDF | ePub | Mobi

The Secret Chief Revealed
by Myron Stolaroff (1997/2004).


Psychedelics and Culture

The Beyond Within: The LSD Story, Including the Past, the Present and the Future of the Drugs that Alter Consciousness and Produce Visions
by Sidney Cohen, M.D. (1964/1967)

Defending Perceptual Diversity in America: Entheogens as Legitimate Contributors to Learning, Health, and Empathy
by Brendan Bombaci (2012)

Drugs & Mysticism: An Analysis of the Relationship between Psychedelic Drugs and Mystical Consciousness
by Walter Norman Pahnke. Ph.D. Thesis, Harvard University. (June 1963) (“The Good Friday Experiment”) Also available as a pdf

Entheogenic Visions
by Stewart Mosher (2012).

Ethnomycological Journals: Sacred Mushroom Studies (Volume IX)
by John W. Allen, Prakitsin Sihanonth, Jochen Gartz, and Gianluca Toro (2013).

The Ethnopharmacology of Ayahuasca
edited by Rafael Guimarães dos Santos (2011). (Also available as individual chapters and in magazine format.)

Guided by the Moon: Shamanism and the Ritual Use of Ayahuasca in the Santo Daime Religion in Brazil.
by Edward McRae, PhD. Courtesy of the Núcleo de Estudos Interdisciplinares sobre Psicoativos (NEIP).

The Sacred Voyage: The Pilgrimage to the Soul
by Lars Faber (2006)

The Yage Drinker
by Fernando Payaguaje. (Donations will be forwarded to Pablo Yepez of the VIHOMA Foundation, who manages a small fund that supports Secoyas in need of medical treatment in Quito, Ecuador.)


Psychedelic Experience

The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell
by Aldous Huxley (1954, 2009)

Ketamine: Dreams and Realities
by Karl Jansen, M.D., Ph.D. (2000, 2004)

The Road To Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries
by Carl A. Ruck, Albert Hofmann, R. Gordon Wasson, Jeremy Bigwood, Jonathan Ott, Carl A. P. Ruck, Huston Smith, and Danny Staples.

Thanatos to Eros, 35 Years of Psychedelic Exploration
by Myron Stolaroff (1994)

Through the Gateway of the Heart : Accounts of Experiences with MDMA and other Empathogenic Substances
edited by Sophia Adamson and Ralph Metzner (1985)


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  1. Why write essays?
    1. Your reasons for writing
    2. What your tutor is looking for
    3. The real reason for writing a good essay
  2. What is an essay?
    1. The three defining features of an essay
    2. Joining the academic conversation
  3. Get going!
    1. Procrastination: the art of putting it off
    2. Getting to grips with writing
    3. Getting to grips with study
    4. Essay writing in three stages: plan; draft; edit
  4. Answering the question
    1. Understanding the question
    2. Creating a thesis statement
  5. Constructing an outline
    1. Creating a frame of reference
    2. Supporting your thesis statement: building a pyramid
  6. Drafting
    1. From head to page: ten tips for drafting more easily
    2. Illustrating, citing and quoting (and avoiding plagiarism)
    3. Grabbing the reader’s attention: the introduction
    4. Ending well: writing the conclusion
  7. Editing
    1. Why edit?
    2. Bringing paragraphs under control
    3. Constructing straightforward sentences
    4. Using words well
    5. Developing your style
  8. Dealing with feedback
    1. Presenting your essay well
    2. Making the most of feedback
  9. Appendix: where to go from here

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