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To get results in your foreign language teacher job search, you need to have a tailored resume and cover letter that speak to the needs of the employer and focus on relevant skills for the industry and position. While the first of these two important documents lays out your experience, qualifications, and education, the cover letter should really shed light on how you can add unique value to the business and why you’re the best person for the job. If you’re struggling to get started crafting this document, get a leg up by checking out our free foreign language cover letter template. You’ll also find advice below that will help you understand the process of creating and using this critical part of your job application.

What to Include in a Foreign Language Teacher Cover Letter

As a specialized education professional with a focus on foreign language instruction, you have unique skills and abilities that set you apart. Your cover letter should clearly show your expertise, with a focus on the matching requirements outlined in the employer’s job posting. When your letter speaks to points a hiring manager is already scanning to spot, you have an excellent chance of getting noticed.The tone of your letter should be upbeat and professional throughout, and always concentrate on highlighting ways you can use your expertise to support the organization or students. Do not focus on what you want the employer to do for you. Keep the writing tight and the total length to less than a page, with no more than three to five paragraphs.Open your letter by stating your background, the job you want, and why you are the right person to fill the vacancy. Follow up by expanding on your initial statements with detailed relevant information about your qualifications. In the final paragraph, thank the reader for their time and reiterate your interest in learning more about the position and discussing the opportunity in a face-to-face interview.

Sample Cover Letter

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Cover Letter Content
Dear [insert hiring manager’s name]When I read your ad for a new Foreign Language Teacher at Marshall Academy, I couldn’t help noticing how well my experience, education, skills, and background aligned with the requirements. I am confident that with my passion for the French language coupled with my years as an instructor and my experience teaching many different levels of students will make me a great new addition to your team. I bring more than 20 years’ experience as a French teacher and know how to help both beginning and advanced students improve their understanding of the language and culture. Cumulatively, I have spent more than two years in France myself, and I thoroughly enjoy leading hands-on activities such as cooking demonstrations to help the students feel immersed in French life.My strengths include classroom and individual instruction, as well as leading field trips to relevant businesses, festivals, and activities that further enhance student learning. I am fully fluent in the language with no discernable accent and I have excellent abilities in documentation, testing, IEP compliance, and student/parent relations that will meet school requirements.I would be excited to use my experience and abilities to support your students’ needs and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss this opportunity. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

You already know your work as an educator is both challenging and rewarding. Face these challenges head on with a compelling resume. While it is true that talented teachers are in demand, you’ll still need a solid job application to stand out from the crowd and impress recruiters.

As schools face budget cuts, it’s more important than ever to detail your full value to the community’s students right from the start. Consult the French teacher resume sample below to familiarize yourself with the most sought-after skills and to check your resume for logical flow. If you’re just beginning to craft your document, try the handy resume builder.

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Ellen Davis

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA, 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Friendly and outgoing French Teacher with three years experience living overseas in Paris and other parts of France. Formed close working relationships with students and other teachers, assisted struggling students during private sessions and taught several classes every day. Experienced in all aspects of curriculum development.

Core Qualifications

  • Licensed and Certified Teacher
  • French Reading and Speaking
  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • French Tutoring


French Teacher, September 2013 – Present

New Cityland Public High School – New Cityland, CA

  • Developed a new program for French students that incorporated new textbooks, films and reading materials
  • Helped raise more than $10,000 to fund a class trip to France
  • Responsible for teaching introductory, intermediate and advanced French classes to high school students
  • Created new and unique homework assignments that led to higher year end ratings for the French department
  • Kept parents informed of the progress their children made in their classes

French Teacher, September 2010 – May 2013
East Los Angeles High School – Los Angeles, CA

  • Created a new program that allowed students to immerse themselves in the French language to learn new words faster
  • Helped and assisted students during office hours, after school and in private tutoring sessions
  • Responsible for designing assignments and tests, grading those assignments and determining students’ overall grades
  • Helped implement a travel abroad program that allowed students to spend several weeks studying in France


2010 Bachelor of Arts, Foreign Language Instruction
University of California, New Cityland, CA

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Why Is This a Good French Teacher Resume Sample?

This French teacher resume sample begins with three condensed, powerful statements in the summary that set this jobseeker apart immediately. The first sentence cleverly reveals both her overall demeanor as a teacher and the fact that she lived in France long enough to acquire perfect language fluency among native speakers. The summary then conveys the most important professional skills in her repertoire. Many resumes are discarded after a glance at the summary statement, so approach the summary as if you have only three sentences to tell your future employers why they should hire you, just as the sample resume does.

The core qualifications section contains six bullet points, each reflecting the most important specialized skills for a French teacher. It is concise and visually easy to take in at a glance, so a recruiter can quickly assess that this jobseeker has what it takes and should be contacted for an interview.

The experience section on this French teacher resume sample is not overbearing or long, but it is potent. This teacher has taught at two previous schools but uses her work history to its full advantage by presenting her duties and contributions with brief, effective bullet points that all begin with carefully chosen action verbs. It is arranged chronologically, beginning at present. This is the best arrangement for the experience section, as your most recent accomplishments will be read first and your less impressive entry-level jobs will be at the end. This jobseeker is not afraid to represent the value-added work teachers often do, such as implementing a travel abroad program to give her students the chance to practice their new language skills with native speakers.

The final education section is short and simple. When you craft your own resume, follow this model and include only the pertinent information: the year of graduation, degree earned, major area of study, name of the institution, city, and state.

Why You Need a Strong French Teacher Resume

Educators and schools face increasing media attention and public scrutiny due to a range of issues, from poor student test scores to financial woes, so your resume must present you as an indispensable asset to your prospective school community.

Many people graduate with a degree in education, but not many people can successfully teach a new language to their students. An effective French teacher resume must concretely demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to do so. By patterning your resume after our French teacher resume sample, you can show your abilities to best advantage and land an interview.

Costly French Teacher Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Clearly, all jobseekers need to avoid glaring errors such as untruths, typos, and incorrect grammar. Teachers, and language teachers in particular, may be scrutinized even more closely; effective written communication is critical in this field, so nothing less than written perfection on your resume will do. Avoid these errors by triple checking your work. Paying for a professional copyedit is not excessive — your future career is on the line.

Because teachers tend to be helping, giving personalities, they also tend to sell themselves short on their resumes. This is a huge mistake — your future employer will not value you higher than you value yourself. Your first chance to reflect your worth as an educator is a great, honest resume that draws attention to your accomplishments. Notice how the teacher in the French teacher resume sample used specific details and action verbs to communicate the full value of her contributions to her previous schools in the experience section.


Writing a perfect resume for your field and circumstances requires the best of your written communication skills. Refer to our French teacher resume sample as you create your own resume to inspire ideas and help with formatting. Remember to check your finished product against the writing guidelines to make sure you are following accepted resume writing standards.

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