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Planning a Party Essay

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Planning a Party

The process of planning a party takes a lot of time and focus to get every detail covered. First of all, you must decide where you will have the party, maybe a club house or your own home. When you have that decided then there are several other steps you must take in order for your party to be successful.

You have decided on a location, and now it is time to make a list of the people who will be attending. Make a list of everyone you want to attend and do not forget their family members who may come with them. You may want to allow everyone to bring a friend if they are single, or you suspect they will come alone. Fill out your invitations and get them in the mail at least two weeks before your event. Now…show more content…

Be aware that sometimes the advice you get may not be what you want to hear, so you might want to warn the person up front that you are just getting advice, and that you may or may not use it. I have found when planning a party, people I seek advice from often get the idea they are taking over which can lead to big problems. It is always better to be very clear up front that you are only asking for advice, and not for them to plan the party for you. Making a list for food, decorations, and games is going to be the most frustrating part of the party planning because this will make or break your party. Keep in mind that you may not want to have so much food that you have a lot of waste. If you are planning to fill everyone up then it is a good idea to use foods that are filling, like starches. You may want to have a sit down dinner or just hors d’oeuvre; whatever you decide try to plan so you do not have a lot of waste. R.S.V.P is very important for this area of the party, so try to emphasize this in your invitations.

After people have eaten they are ready for some fun. You must keep your party flowing so no one will get board. Games can be uncomfortable for some people, so make sure the games are not embarrassing. Board games are good, and charades are always a favorite for the more outgoing type. Some people will not play games; just sitting and talking is a very normal part of a party. Do not get worried that they

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Birthdays come only once in a year and last year I celebrated my birthday the way I wanted to. My parents were gracious - enough to ask me for anything on that day and I asked them to arrange a grand party for my friends.

My mother is my best friend when it comes to inviting friends home. She helped me to make invitation cards and to fill them up with names. She made a list of all the friends I wanted to call and then made a card to send to each of my friends. The contents of each card were different so as to suit the taste of the particular friend to whom it was sent.

Thereafter she took me to the market and bought balloons and streamers, masks and caps, etc to decorate the house with. We ordered the cake and bought wrapping paper along with the return presents. As we reached home we sat down to work. We put up the streamers with tape and hung the balloons all over the walls and on the fans and doors and windows. We arranged the marks and caps in such a way that each friend of mine would pick one of his choices.

Mother was very busy. She spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking for all my friends. The cake arrived in the evening and soon my friends started pouring in. My father arranged some games for them and he became the referee for all our games. He arranged musical chairs, passing the parcel, follow the leader, dumb charades, etc. and all the children enjoyed themselves.

We had our tea after the cake was cut by me. The cake was in the shape of a beautiful house with colourful fencing and big chunks of chocolate. I was drowned in gifts once my friends left and I went to bed with the satisfaction of having enjoyed the best birthday party of my life.


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