Global Warming Research Paper Questions For Middle School

Interesting global warming topics for a research paper

One of the best aspects of writing a research paper on global warming is that the topic is relatively fresh. It is only a generation or so ago that the general media began to focus a great deal of attention on global warming. It's important to understand that global warming is sometimes referred to as climate change. The terms are interchangeable.

So if you have been assigned a research paper and given the general topic of global warming, there are a couple of facts you need to be aware of.

  • It is a very complex and detailed topic.
  • Many aspects of global warming have already been written about in great detail.

Do not be dissuaded by the fact that you are not a scientist and that many people who write about global warming do so from a scientific point of view. There are many resources you can access which talk about climate change in layman's language. An obvious example of this is the issue of the human contributions to global warming. There are some who deny global warming exists and are branded as deniers.

You don't need a scientific background to be able to research and write about whether or not humans have contributed to climate change and why some people deny that the condition exists.

The major scientific argument

This focuses on the question of whether or not global warming is a natural process, something which nature brings about itself or whether or not the earth's inhabitants contribute to global warming. For the non-scientific person there are many science trained experts who have written about global warming and explained in everyday language. There are so many approaches you can take to this major scientific argument that it is certainly possible to come up with a unique research paper topic.

The suggested consequence of global warming is another topic bristling with potential. If what the climate scientists say might happen does happen, there is scope to write any number of research papers on the damage which can be brought to our land, our standard of living and to our economy.

Here are some possible global warming topics to write about

  1. How can we intervene and stop global warming?
  2. What are the main facts which scientists refer to when talking about global warming?
  3. What has happened at recent world seminars on the subject of global warming?
  4. What is the reason the deniers of global warming believe it is not true?
  5. Is there any evidence of sea levels rising in recent years?

A List Of Interesting Essay Topics Global Warming For High School

Global warming is real, and sadly enough we are experiencing some of the effects in our time. With constant industrialization and pollution we keep adding more damage to an environment that is already broken, and the results are nothing but terrible. If you are taking up an environmental class, you will be asked to write an essay on global warming from time to time, so you have to be prepared. As a matter of fact, you do not necessarily need to be in an environmental class to be requested to write this kind of paper, there are times when you can be asked to write something that’s going on in the contemporary society and a paper on global warming will come in just fine too.

Before you start writing on any such paper, you need to get some good topics that you can use for the same. A good topic should be one that you can expound on properly, full of research and content that you can use to explain your points across very well. As long as you have some very good points to pass across, you will easily be able to write the finest paper so far. Herein are some topics that you can use to start writing your paper.

  1. Global warming: causes and symptoms
  2. Global warming and climate change
  3. The greenhouse effect and our response
  4. The Kyoto protocol
  5. Media coverage of global warming crisis
  6. Fossil fuels and climate change
  7. Impact of global warming on the oceans
  8. Effects of global warming
  9. Politics at play in global warming
  10. Impact of global warming on the human health
  11. Dangerous gas emissions and global warming
  12. The role of human activity in climate change

These are some fairly easy topics that you can choose to write your essay on, considering that they are actually some of the most commonly discussed concepts on the same. You have to realize that the most important thing is for you to conduct some really good research. Proper research into global warming will go so far in helping you write one of the best papers so far, and in the long run this will help you earn some good marks.

If you are keen and carry out your research effectively, nothing should stop you from writing the best paper ever.

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