Essay On Washing A Car

Essay on Car Wash

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How to wash a carprocess We all know that we can pay to get our car washed, but why pay the expensive price of a professional when you can get the same results doing it yourself? You will save money and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

The actual washing of the car is not that hard, but you have to have the right supplies to get a professional job. You may have some of these items or you may have to purchase them. This is a list of things you will need: bucket, water, soap, wash cloth, and something to dry the surface of the car off. First, get the thing you already have. You need a clean, two to five gallon bucket to put the soap in. Next you will need a clean cloth to wash the car with. This needs to be about…show more content…

It is important that the soap is designed for a car ‘s finish. Regular dish soap or detergent will not work. These soaps will strip the wax off your car and eventually dull the finish. I recommend Armorall brand soap. I have found that the best kind is called Quick Wash & Wax. This soap not only does a good job cleaning; it also has a wax in the formula that helps to keep your car clean. It repels dirt and doesn’t allow the dirt to stick to the paint. You can purchase this for about five to seven dollars. Now that you have the supplies, make sure you have running water and a water hose. You can use a spray nozzle but it is not crucial; you can do a good job with out it. Before you start, park your car out of direct sunlight and on a hard surface. You should park on concrete if possible; this will keep dirt and mud from splashing up on the car when you rinse it off. Now fill up your bucket with water and mix the soap as directed. Next soak the car down with water; do this a couple of times. The water helps to loosen the dirt and grime. Submerge your wash cloth completely in the bucket of soap and water. Do not ring out the towel, take it dripping wet and start to wash you car. Start at the top and work your way down, using the wash cloth in a circular motion with a little bit of pressure. If it is a hot day, then you probably need to wash the car in sections. For example, wash the roof, windshield, and hood, and then set the wash cloth back in the bucket

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Essay on How To Wash A Car

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How to wash a car

There is many different ways to wash a car, but here is the correct way that generally works for the majority of people. Washing a car thoroughly takes five different steps to complete a clean exterior.
Step1: Wheels are a good place to start, because the cleaning products for wheels work best on dry surfaces. Spray on the solution as directed by the instructions, and see if the dirt and dust is removed. Use a little more spray in bad areas to help get the wheels completely clean. Try and get all road grime and grease off of the wheels. Use a soft brush to clean cracks and crevices on the wheels, but don't scrub too hard. If you have alloy wheels, make sure that the cleaner is safe for the clear coat that may be on it.…show more content…

Next fill the bucket with the recommended ratio of water and soap. Using hot water will affect the cars wax so be sure to use cool water. Don't use more soap than the instructions say to use, because more soap removes more wax. If possible use less soap to help save your car.
Step4: Since there's more dirt on a car's sides and panels, use two plans. First, work from top to bottom of the car. Secondly, switch to a separate mitt or towel when getting to the bottom of the car, where there are dirtier areas. Switching to different mitts or towels keeps scratches to a minimum that is why it is important to do so. Thoroughly wet down the section of the car about to be washed, and dunk the cleaning mitt or soft cotton towel into the soap bucket. Wipe gently cleaning the roof, hood, and trunk of the car. Make sure to dunk the mitt or towel frequently, and shake it in the soap bucket to let the grime wash out. Rinse each surface after it's been washed by lightly misting it off with the hose. Rinsing as you finish washing is very important. Don't wash a section and then leave it to wash another section this is very bad practice. The dirty soap can dry on the surface of the car, and then you're back where you started!
Step5: Dry the surfaces of the car in the same order that you washed them. Move the towels around gently not to scratch anything. Take a clean cotton towel or chamois and lay it on the surface to blot up the water. Switch

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